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Does Fico or Creditors in general, care if I use the card " a lot "
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Hello everyone,


I have 4 credit cards but only use them for small transactions, mainly lunch in the office. My income is above average, but my stay at home wife ends up doing all the major spending on her cards. I'm busy and rarely spend more than 500 dollars on all my cards per month (combined total across all 4 cards). My CL on 3 revolving cards is 15k and the forth is a NPSL Amex.



Now, I've heard people mention "I've put XXX dollars through the card" others saying "Don't forget to use your new card ..."..


I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong by letting my wife put all our expenses through her cards. I could easily leave one of my cards with her, to use where possible.


I'm looking to build my credit history since I never felt a need for credit cards until a couple of years ago. I don't have any lates in my report, but my oldest account is only 3 years old ....


Thanks for your insight...