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Re: Does Fico or Creditors in general, care if I use the card " a lot "

In general, ccc & FICO don't care how much money you put through the card(s) just what the statement balance is.  Also  they do seem to care if you don't use them at all.  With your 4 cards, you should ideally let 3 of them report a 0 balance & the 4th card report 1% of the limit.  You  can either rotate thru which card you use every month or pay the balance on the other 3 before the statement date.  


Also, with a relatively short credit history, you could potentially get a good bump in your scores by adding yourself as an AU on her oldest card.  (Provided her oldest card has low util, no lates and is older than 3 years).  That would increase your AAoA.


But honestly, it sounds like you're doing fine and if you continue to use credit wisely like you are, your score will go up and up over time and you'll have no issues.  Manipulating util percentage,under 10%, is more of a tactic to use if you need to bump your score up a few points, right before you apply for more credit so that you can get the best rate possible.

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