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Re: Parents' large credit line negatively affecting credit score??
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I don't know why it would report twice. Could one have been a lost/stolen CC? Is it a reporting issue with TU or CreditKarma (CK uses TU)? Does it report the same on EX and/or Eq? Which Amex is it?


CreditKarma isn't related to anything close to FICO scoring. Ignore their scores and advice. If this is an Amex like a Green, Gold, Platinum, etc., and per FICO scoring, EX and EQ will ignore the balance and CL for util purposes and a high balance by your folks isn't hurting your score. The TU FICO on here does calculate the balance in relation to the reported high balance and that can negatively impact your FICO if your util is high. Not many lenders use this FICO version though and newer FICO versions ignore the util.  If this Amex is like a revolving like their Delta, Blue Cash, etc., then the balance and CL are reporting and factor into util.


Outside of FICO scoring, lenders will still look at the balance and factor tthat into your ability to replay the Amex, even though it isn't yours. YMMV on the lender. If it's a charge card like the Green, etc., many lenders will ignore the balance. My mortgage lender for example ignored all of my charge cards knowing I have to pay in full monthly anyway. If it's a revolving, then they'll factor in the min. payment into DTI.


If you want off, cancel via disputing with the CRAs as "not mine". It'll disappear.


ETA...I'll add that removing yourself as an AU can have a negative score impact due to the loss in AAoA and length of history. Something to consider.