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9 year old pays as agrees personal loan still reporting.
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Ok so I posted earlier about how I was starting to use credit. I had completely forgot about my parents taking  out a personal loan for me almost a decade ago.


Instead of starting out. I actually have a 9.5 ( from start date) year old account, a 4.5 year AAoA ( because i just started 2 secured cards to build revolving ) and an already established FICO score of 728.


Seriously? How can this even be?


Am I just extremely lucky or is there something gone awry here? Should I be worried about this falling off at any moment? Is there any way to keep that from happening?

The last date of activity was 4/04 for reference.


The loan had zero lates on it over 18 months btw. Nothing else is reporting. Not even the bank of america card inq from when I started it. The capitol one card is though.


The 728 FICO is the EQ score given right here on this very website via my scorewatch subscription.


This is my other post btw  which I can't edit for some reason.


Edit : Granted I still have the super thin file to worry about but this is fabulous news.

Starting Score: ????
Current Score: 728 EQ 11/2012
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