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Re: Parents' large credit line negatively affecting credit score??

The CC company will give you a letter outlining the denial reasons. I'd work on that. It could likely be that they are factoring in the Amex. If they have a charge card, they have to pay it off to $0 once monthly. You can always ask them to time the payments with the statement to get it to report lower or even at $0, and then app once you are certain it reports lower.


If the 722 came from CreditKarma know that it isn't a FICO. Your FICO could be higher or lower. Your FICO report will show the top 0-4 things that hurt your score the most and again for those that help your score the most. Lenders base their decisions around those rankings. It's worth comparing any lender denial with those rankings.


Finally, lenders sometimes just toss whatever out if they are wanting to deny credit. There are times where my FICO scores were in the 700s with very low util and would still get denied. Not long ago Penfed denied me with an EQ FICO in the mid 700s with util lower than 10%. They denied me because util was too high and that my accounts were too new (newest was a yr old). This approval stuff isn't exact science. You can always call the credit issuer and ask them to go over the report with you (I'm not sure who they pulled) and that way you can get a feel of what they want.