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Re: 9 year old pays as agrees personal loan still reporting.

"Beacon" is the model name for your Classic EQ FICO, and very likely is the same version found on here.


Something isn't fully adding up. Your lender pulled EQ and did not show a FICO. You pulled EQ from here and it did show a FICO. If you were able to subscribe to SW, and your EQ FICO is 728, with a AAoA of 4 years or so, then you have newer other open accounts aside from the two new CCs. You had mentioned you have two new CCs not yet reporting. You would have other open TLs reporting aside from these. I don't see how you could get an EQ FICO and your lender cannot....unless your lender mislabled "FICO" as a "Beacon" score. Are you sure they pulled EQ?