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Re: 9 year old pays as agrees personal loan still reporting.
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And there isn't anything else on there except that loan and those 2 cc. I hadn't even applied for credit since that old loan.


Edit : In a hypothetical situation where that old account drops off randomly at any moment between now and my application target date, how much is the decimation of my AAOA and the loss of (admittedly thin) length of history going to tank my score?


If there is any chance at all of it falling off in the next 6 months I would rather just take my chances with a 728, little history and a smaller down payment and try to compensate for my lack of history with personal small town charm.


They have a baseline of 680 which I would most assuredly fall below if that were to drop off. I just have this situation playing in my head where it drops off, score plummets down into the low 600's, truck blows up and I am months away from getting "approvable" again.


Not saying I am guaranteed approvable now, it was just implied by the CU manager  that she could "make that call herself" if I could show her a 680. Not sure how much validity there is to that, we do go to church together and whatnot for what it's worth.


Edit : And i apologize for derailing my own post. Didn't want to spam the boards by making another in the auto forums.









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