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Re: Number of Credit Cards reporting

Number of accounts with balances will generally have a few numbers where it changes your score by 5-15 points. That number will vary according to other info in your reports. You seem to have to go significantly past 50% of accounts with balances if you only have a few accounts.. Mine seems to be consistently when going from 12 to 13 accounts with balances out of 25. I seem to have another "step" around 17-18 but haven't been there for awhile. This score change seems to be COMPLETLY different than utilization percentage. In other words, I will get the score hit as my number of accounts with balances goes up past that point even if my utilization goes down slightly. I will always have the "too many accounts with balances" appear in EQ FICO "things that are hurting your score" when I have the score hit.