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Re: # of Accounts - Really help or hurt?

Thanks for the exhaustive explanation.  On Credit Karma it actually breaks down all of these categories as separate:


# of Accounts

Avg Length

Util of Credit


As well as some other categories that don't map to what you listed.

I assume they group your "new credit" under Avg. Length - they also show the new inquiries which may also map to that.


I see nothing there which maps any factor to the "credit mix" as you put it - although you can see a breakdown of your mix.


My questions was specifically with the "# of Account" that they mention.  You don't seem to map that as a category.


My mix an util are both good.  My length and new credit is a bit hit right now because I just got a few new cards.


My total accounts however it being rated poorly becaues I *only* have 13.


Would it be better to open a few additional CC now so all my hard pulls are together (as well as my length) so that in another year or so my total accounts are higher?