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Re: # of Accounts - Really help or hurt?

The EQ FICO on here is used by nearly all of the mortgage lenders out there.


The scores from ScoreSense are not FICO scores. They are FAKOs and lenders don't use them at all.


You can only buy your EQ FICO from, your lender, or (they push their FAKO, but a couple of products still offer a FICO. Buyer beware).


You can only buy your TU FICO from or your lender.


You cannot buy your EX FICO from anywhere as of a few years ago. Experian blocked consumer access to your own scores, though your lender can still get it for you.


Aside from the above, some banks and CUs offer a FICO at a free or reduced price. You can also get your EQ FICO from Unitus Community Credit Union, Digital Credit Union, and M&T Bank. You can get your TU FICO (TU08..newer version) from Wal-Mart if you have their CC. And you can get your EX FICO from PA State Employees Credit Union (aka PSECU) for free if you have their checking acct. There are other banks and CUs out there that offer a FICO as part of a benefit. Check with your local lender to see if they do so.


Scores from other sources are not FICO scores. Any service that offers all 3 scores together aren't FICO scores at all. 99% of the services out there offer scores, but none are FICO scores and lenders don't use them. They also offer advice around these FAKO scores and the advice is often counter-productive to your own FICO.