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4 pt drop from all cc's $0 balance

So i checked my eq fico and was sad to see i had a 4 pt drop.  Originally i thought this small ding may have been from recently paying off my car loan.  However that hasn't updated yet.  My best guess is that its due to all 5 of my cc's currently reporting a $0 balance.  However, in about another week my nfcu card will report a less than 1% util balance so hopefully i'll get those points back.  On a happy note, i noticed that an old 30 day late that should have fallen off in 1/13 is already gone.  Sadly, myfico still has it flagged as anegative acct.  2 out of 4 of my accts flagged as negative should no longer be negative.  I really need to get serious about manipulating my util % reporting.

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