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Re: # of Accounts - Really help or hurt?

@ illecs


Thanks for this info.  I'm surprised that these other sites can get away with giving you these FAKOs and claim they are actual scores.  I didn't know that the only real place for an Equifax score was from myFICO or Equifax.  Not that I doubt you - but how would I know that and what makes myFico able to provide the real info?  Are they owned by EQ?


So MyFico shows me at 793 for Equifax


I signed up at TU and they show me at 915


Both of these are much better than what these so-called FAKOs are showing me.  I guess they are in the business of making you worry about your credit score, huh?


Now to find a way to get my Experian so I know for sure.


Really appreciate your answers!