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Which one is the "real" EX score?

I'm so confused about all of these scores!  A couple weeks ago, I was logged into the EX site viewing my report, and there was a tab that said Score or something to that effect.  I believe it was a Vantage Score.  So I purchased it for about $8.  Now this was within EX, not a third party site.  That actually malfunctioned but then I called EX the next day and the CSR read my score to me over the phone and it was 664.  


Now today I go to EX and there's a completely different report layout and score available for $1 for a 7 day trial.  I paid for it, planning to cancel after I get the score anyway.  It says 


Your Experian© Score is:(as of 11/8/2012)



Again, this is from within EX, but it doesn't say anything about Vantage anywhere.  There's no way I dropped over 64 points in two weeks, and I've studied my report to see if there's anything different. Other than a new CC account, there's nothing else.


So which is the real score?  If that Vantage score was not real, why was EX selling it?