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Re: How do inquiries within 30 days count as one?

It's a FICO only rule. Each FICO version differs, but that window is generally 30-45 days. The TU FICO on here is 14 days. Newer TU04 is 30 or 45 days. The EQ FICO on here is 30 days. EX FICO used by most lenders is 30. YMMV.


The duplication rule are for auto, mortgage, and SL lenders. Each lender will code the inquiry and FICO will lump them together. So, if you apply 10 times for an auto loan within a 2 week period, FICO will ignore 9 of them and only score on one. Also you should know that FICO won't score that one inquiry until the window expires. Once it expires, then a score change, if any at all, would hit at the end of the window. IME, a large majority of my inquiries never resulted in a FICO change (speaking from experience with 30+ on EQ and EX at one point).