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When do CC's report to CRA's?

Is there a way to know when a CC company will report to the CRA's? I read somewhere they report on the statement date. Is that true?

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Re: When do CC's report to CRA's?

I like to know as well. I just got a cc for a toll violation (I completely forgot about this) and was wondering if they will report to cra. It is only for 14.06. I had heard that anything under 50 was not reported. I just got the letter and will pay right away. I ran Equifax and it has not shown up.

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Re: When do CC's report to CRA's?
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Most all CCs report the balance you have on the statement date (same as on the bill) and will report that within a few days following that statement date. Not all 3 CRAs will update the same time. There are also some CCs that don't always follow the [unwritten] rule and update mid-cycle.