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Re: FORGET fico score NOT used by Mtg Lenders

Mortgage lenders pull FICO scores. The first question is where are you pulling your credit scores from?   There a very places besides this site the will give you a FICO score. The lender for a mortgage will you your middle score IE not the highest or the loweest of the three scores.  So if your middle score is from Experian  and you pull Equifax form here you would see a difference.  

Equifax My FICO score 815 5/28/2012, 818 on 7/28/2014 . Average of Accounts 12 years and no Installment accounts. MyFICO TU 810 6/26/2012 809 4/21/2013 MyFICO XPN -805. 2/26/2014 Discover TU FICO 813 App free since 9/2011