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Re: car loan
Don't get the car loan at this point you need to estimate the approval loan time against the time of the Eviction filEd I believe it's 90days but count out that against the time to maybe squeeze in getting to court if you did not sign Any lease your gonna have to try to get off of that it will look horrible if landlord decided to carry on anything to collections for the way the house or whatnot was as far as the state it was left in they can easily do this it costs a bit to even file the eviction so if I was them I'd try to get my money back If not with that by messing with your credit and so also how much did you run up left over balance on wells account ? Show up there willing to pay and pay it off the balance continues to build until it goes into collection and that can add up from 50 to 500 real quick anyhow the more ground you try to cover and clear by proving you want to fix and clear what you left undone the better you look Dude--- fixing stuff or trying doesn't ever hurt and it can't be taken that you tried that's all you can do intercept the approval before these things hit your report because if they will or not is not your choice so do what you can research the time limitations and set up with your mortgage agent to work with you and help you through I have established a really good relationship with my banker and her people so I'm going through the banks mortgage lady who is her good friend that she got her home loan approval through they have been setting me up and tell me what they didn't know or things I may need ahead of time so I prepare for this loan and already will qualify and have established all the qualifications exactly in time for me to make my next move. Get help they are there to help you but you have to be determined and stay on it don't run up your util percentage to more than 5% a piece to equal % 15 so it's totaling no more than 15% under 30% for sure for FHA loans etc !!! And within 3-6 months you'll set up the start of the rise of your credit score if the eviction doesn't make it to court carried situation which will definately show on your report as current or pending which is beyond horrible if I was you I'd talk to landlord even attempt to pay if things need it to keep him from taking that extra step because your score matters A LOT on home loan but the details of your report matter even more if you have any bads and what they are the details in your report current and home type issues -- all bad plus collections totaling more than 1thousand is def. Bad in showing credit worthy of loans etc goodluck