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Re: FORGET fico score NOT used by Mtg Lenders

OP, I'll add that if you pulled any scores from the credit reporting agencies, then know that none of the scores offered are FICO scores. Ignore them. Was that your source?


IME of myself and thousands of others on here, if you pulled your EQ FICO from on the exact same day as your mortgage lender, your two scores will exactly match. If you purchased a score from a 3rd-party like or even from, then know that you are pushed a FAKO score, not a FICO.


If you pulled your TU FICO on as your lender on the same day, the two scores may or may not match. Why? The two versions are different. While some mortgage lenders do use the same version as on here, most use a newer version. Other than your lender and myFICO, you cannot buy a TU FICO from anywhere. If you bought it from another source like, then you are not comparing a FICO.


If you pulled an EX FICO from a source like or elsewhere, then you don't have a FICO at all. Experian blocked consumer access to your own FICO a few years ago and you cannot buy it from anywhere. Other sites will sell an EX score, but it isn't a FICO and lenders don't use it.


I suspect you pulled a non-FICO and are trying to compare it to a FICO.