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Re: FICO 800 with credit cards only

brother7 wrote:

Is it possible? How high can one's FICO get using credit cards only? (no mortgage, auto, student or other types of debt)


If you have achieved FICO 800 with credit cards only, please provide details.

CRA and score (ie EQ 810): 

Total number of accounts: 


Age of Oldest Account: 

Other useful info (ie closed accounts still reporting): 

Is it possible?  Yes. 

Is it probable.  Not so much.


From what I've read here, FICO scoring looks at a good mix of account types.  If you mean from your question, absolutely nothing reported on your entire history but credit cards, then it could be possible to achieve (anything is possible), but would be more of a challenge.


If you mean having had, somewhere in your credit history, some installment/auto loans, mortgages, etc, but NOTHING reporting currently, or within recent timeframe, with the exception of credit cards, then I think that's probably a more realistic scenario.  The history will show the mix, even though the current history may show only credit cards. 


As with anything credit related, YMMV !

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