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Re: CLI: is it really advantageous?
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My take on the issue of CLI


Looking at it for the reason creditors grant it, rather than why consumers seek it, they arent doing it to help consumers get lower % util, and thus improve their FICO scores.

They do it because, on the average, consumers tend to establish  the same approx. level of % util as prior to the CLI, thus increasing their debt while evaluation of their credit in granting the CLI shows that the consumer risk does not increase much, if at all.  Mo' debt, mo' interest..... mo' money!


If your primary reason for getting a CLI is FICO score improvement, then that path is predicated upon not using that CLI.

If you can buck human nature, it can improve your overall % util.  It also should help in future manual reviews, indicating to other prospective creditors that at least that current creditor has positively evaluated your ability to successfully manage higher levels of discretionary credit.


Even if a hard pull is needed to get it, that is transatory.  To me, its a matter of not increasing debt.