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Auto Refinance Smart?

I am currently saving for a house and recently finally cracked the 700 barrier, 707 to be exact. I have only my truck as debt which is 14,000. I have had perfect payment history since I opened it back in Feb. 2009. My payment is 542/month.


I recently opened a checking and savings account with a credit union who pulled my credit as a part of their decision whether or not I could open the account. Once they pulled my credit info they offered me a better interest rate and lower monthly payment.  Its great news but I am concerned that opening a new account with my credit union will affect my credit score negatively. 


I plan on buying a house in April, but do not want to make any mistakes leading up to that can have dire consequences on my credit score.


So to sum it all up, is a auto refinance smart when Im considering buying a house within 6 months?