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Util question/scenario

IF I nearly max out a card that is my lowest limit, and I have 2 other cards that have over double the limits - should I expect to see a MAJOR point drop?


I'm not too concerned since I just got a new WM card so I'm not looking to app for anything soon, but I have been working on keeping everything on the upswing, and not on the down.


My CLs are 300, 750 and 700 with current util at 0%, <1%, 0%.


If I maxed out the $300 card, that would put my card util to 100%, 1%, 0% but my overall util would only be around 17% which isn't 10% but still pretty low.  Will I see a nose dive for "maxing out my card" or is it going to consider the fact that out of the other $1450 I've only used a whopping $10?


I have a purchase I'm going to make and since I can get 1% cash back on it, I'd rather use that card, but not if I'm going to see a nose dive for maxing out 1 card.


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