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Re: Util question/scenario

nicholasyud wrote:

I don't think it's good idea to max out any's normally drop about 10 points........if you really want to used that card to get 1%cash back then you should paid it before statement cut off's just my suggest.......

That would be the plan, however CAP 1 has been draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaging their feet when it comes to posting things to my account lately.


My statement closes next week, but with Gobble-fest (thanksgiving) who knows what that will do. This was more of a "what if scenario" for me, what if they don't post it they day they cut the statement and I have no time to pay it.


I'll probably just put it on the other card since that wouldn't even push it to 50% and that statement closes after thanksgiving so I know it will post and give me time to pay it down prior to the statment closing.


Thanks, for the info.



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