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Re: Util question/scenario

Jutz wrote:

Do you mean posting purchases, or posting payments has been slow?  My payments have FINALLY been posting quickly to my Cap1 account, but purchases take like 3-4 business days until they post and allow me to pay.

Purchases. Payments have for the most part posted next day (except for sunday payments) when I pay online. However I've had payments at some pretty big stores (target/walmart/etc) that have taken a full week to post. But then others that will post after a couple days.


I'm afraid if I use the card, and it doesn't post next day, but rather it waits a week, between that and then thanksgiving it would mean that I wouldn't be given the opportunity to pay before the statment closes, however it will have posted to this months statement.


I'm not going to risk it - sure I'll loose the $3 but oh well I'm not going to play utilization roulette for $3.


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