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Re: Monthly Payment on EX reports...should be $0...not



haulingthescoreup wrote:

llecs wrote:

OP, same happened to me to come mortgage time. I didn't say anything to the lender, but none of the listed minimums on $0 balanced accounts were included in DTI. Post calculations, the lender told me their software automatically excludes these accounts.

Good to know.


Maybe the tweaking isn't necessary after all! Smiley Wink

Bringing this thread back to life since I am considering apping for a mortage in the near future....


I like what I am hearing that $0 balance revolving accounts that report minimum payments are not taken into a DTI consideration, however I would be curious to know if the Experian scoring system excludes minimum obligations on zero balance accounts for scoring purposes -- meaning does the score "drop", even by a few points, if you have a minimum payment showing...

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