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Re: FORGET fico score NOT used by Mtg Lenders

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A few days ago I told Merryl Lynch Wealth Management that I would accept their :lies" about FnMae guidelines were changed, their lies about my Debt to Income ration being 49/51 when it is 20/80 and their need to get 4.1 APR on a 70/30 conforming loan even though they were offering at that time 3.5050 APR.




I think the OP is confused about calcukating DTI as well, but if not, he needs to understand that if he has bills totalling 80% of his gross income, it is unlikely he will be approved for any mortgage. Trying to argue with a lender that your bills are NOT 51% of your income, but rather they are much higher, at 80% of your gross income, is not going to help your case any.

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