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Re: Confused

Drink wrote:

I've been reading over this forums almost everyday the past few weeks, everything from auto loans to writing GWs. I'm mostly confused on all of the different credit scoring. MyFico gives me a deferent score from freecreditreport, walmart and IdentityProtector. How do I know which one to go by or should I go by all of them? How do I know which one a bank will look at? I am I focusing too much on the number?


This website has tons of information, but it can be a bit overwhelming when taken in in a short time.


Thanks for any help.

There are FICO scores, and then there are non-FICO scores (we call them FAKOs).


You can only buy your EQ FICO from, your lender, and if you look hard enough (they'll push their FAKO and not FICO).


You can only buy your TU FICO from or your lender.


You can only buy your EX FICO from your lender.


Aside from the above, some banks and CUs will offer a FICO score for free or at a reduced cost if you ask them like M&T Bank, Unitus, DCU, PSECU, Wal-Mart CC, etc. 


Other services like creditkarma, identityprotector, creditsesame, truecredit, USAA's service, identityguard, eliminateidtheft, and dozens of other services out there offer scores, but none of them are FICO scores. They are FAKOs which factor in stuff that FICO does not and vice-cersa. Also the score ranges differ from FICO. IMO, ignores these other scores and ignore the advice of these sites too.