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Re: Transunion MYFICO Score

GCM415 wrote:

So I've been reading these boards and following advice on here for about 1.5yrs and it's definitely been a long road in trying to repair all of my mistakes. My EQ and EX reports seem to be the toughest for me to deal with in terms of deletions, but I had a lot of medical bills and even now many more still remain. My TU report isn't reporting nearly the same amount of collections and is much cleaner than the other two reports, so I've had much more success with them. Not sure if that's always the case, but it does seem that way for me.


Along the way, I took the advice of many on here and got multiple (3) secured CC's and put a few thousand dollars into each of them, have kept 2 of them with a revolving zero balance for the past 9 months, and the 3rd one carries a small balance of maybe $100 of the $2000 CL, and that one has been open for the 1.5yr of my rebuild process. I have one new car loan that I got approved for in June which is paid on time and reporting, and one paid off car reporting in good standing from the same finance company (Honda). All the while, my EQ scores (FICO not FAKO), have been no better than 570. I started at like 495, so it's made some progress I suppose. 


However, today I decided to see what my TU score from MYFICO was, as I've never pulled a score from FICO (or anywhere else) based on my TU report. According to this site, my TU FICO score is 703, which I'm not even sure how that rates, but what did stand out was the discrepancy, as my EQ FICO score is only 570. Now I know it's likely because I have way more collections reporting on my EQ report, but is this pretty typical?  Also, is there anything I can do to use my TU report when tyring to get lower rates or prime cards, instead of pulling from my other reports?  Either way, my mission has not ended, I will continue to work, improve, and fix the mistakes I made, but I wasn't sure if there way anything different I could do in the meantime. Also, is a 703 FICO score for TU decent, or is equally as bad as my 570, just the score model different? Thanks in advance and I really appreciate all the help I've gotten on here. I would have been LOST without this forum Smiley Happy



Your TU score is different because, like you said, do not contain the CA found on your EQ. I would work on cleaning that up so your credit profiles will match more closely. Also, the TU model used here is know as the TU98 which is a little outdated compared to the TU04 that most lenders use and the TU08 that walmart provides. That in itself can provide a discrepancy. Barclays is thought to still use the TU98 model, and GE pulls alot from TU but it can vary.