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Re: Just got my first Walmart TU score. Is it good score?

Your score is insane.


Rebuilding from scratch 6 months ago, and you have a 714 FICO.   I would consider yourself extremely one of a kind.  I'm gonna guess your history wasn't that bad, and your scores werent THAT low.


I started at 522 TU FICO, 1.5 years ago, when I started my rebuilding process.  Had $27,000.00 in collections from 5 major CC banks.  Basically decided to stop paying for a 5 year period.  1.5 years later, my FICO (TU) is 645............ (and that's opening 4 new accounts, and paying on time).


You have it easy.

Starting Score: 521 TU, 597 EQ, 574 EX on 6/20/2011
Current Score: 753 TU, 764 EQ, 766 EX on 02/17/2014
Goal Score: 720-740 Across the board

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