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Re: Confused
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Drink wrote:

I guess I'll keep using Identityprotector for now. There report seems a bit more detailed.


Just so I understand 100%, when appyling for a loan, I should request a copy of my CR?


I also read that you could get your TU from walmart if you have there card.

If you're denied for any given loan, I certainly would when it comes to requesting the CR which is mandated to be provided by law if you ask; if you are approved, at least at the best terms, then there's no requirement that a report be provided.  Beyond that I know I'll be pulling my reports multiple times leading up to my theoretical mortgage if you were referring to pulling before the loan app.


You're correct, if you have a Walmart CC, they will provide one of the TU '08 versions, not certain we know to date which one specifically it is, but it's a legit FICO score which in my opinion is better than any FAKO.


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