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Re: 36 pt. difference in Walmart TU and myfico TU?

racer-x wrote:

Recently obtained a Walmart credit card with a $700 limit.  Haven't used it yet. (month old)

I logged into my Walmart account and pulled the free TU score that Walmart offers.

It is 36 points lower than my TU here on myfico.  641 vs. 677.  My EQ is 702.  EX 674.


Seems like a large variance in the Walmat TU and myfico TU.  What gives?  Is that normal?

same scenario here except with me is the other way around Walmart TU has me at 694 and MyFico has me at 648....i think one of them is TU98 version while the other is a different one...maybe someone can give is more info on that...

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