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Re: Score took a plunge

Revelate wrote:

AJC1987 wrote:

I think I may ahve figured it out.....  I compared the two reports and found a difference. The 786 report had only one negative factor and that was an account opened 6 months ago.  The 756 had 2 negative factors: an account opened 6 months ago and also a short credit history, oldest of 8 years ago and average age at 3 years.


I guess once the collection was removed the age of the accounts became a bigger factor and that dropped the score?

That's certainly possible.  My understanding is that different metrics carry different weights dependent on what bucket you're in (which determines the range of your scores). In general, the higher you are, the more any one given point of negative information affects you.  


It's really hard to say in this case, but sounds simply like you need to just sit back and enjoy the ride Smiley Happy.  

+1 you probably went from the top end in one bucket to the low end of the next bucket.