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Re: 36 pt. difference in Walmart TU and myfico TU?

beb86 wrote:

Revelate wrote:

beb86 wrote:

walmart is TU08, lenders pull TU04, and myFICO is TU98

Mortgage lenders pull TU04 (guarunteed atm); however, everyone else is free to use whatever version they want and it's a challenge to tell what particular version was used unfortunately.  

Yeah I think Barclays uses the TU98.

Yeah, rumor had it that NFCU uses it too at times, but it's incredibly hard to tell from anecdotal evidence without several data points lining up and I don't think they have in this case.  Personally I tend not to worry about it; however, whenever I do actually apply for another card of some sort (or even mortgage even though I know that's '04) I will likely pre-pay my Amex charge card just in case anyway Smiley Happy.

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