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Story time and some help?

Hello Fico Folks!

First time I checked my credit score and did a little research and was wondering if you guys could assist me in increasing my credit score.


First I'm 23 years old and have the following cards:

Best buy: 0 balance 2 years  credit limit 600

Capital one:0 balance 4 years credit limit 1500

Citi Bank: 0 balance 2 years credit limit 1700

Wells fargo visa: 0 balance 1 year credit limit 3200

american express: 0 balance just applied credit limit 3500.

goodmans jewelers 0 balance 1 year credit limit 6800




I recently paid off all my credit cards and got rid of the balance on each one and decided to check my score, it hasn't updated yet but what Im curious is to how much will my score jump once it shows that my cards are all paid off

My current score is 702


I never missed a payment before  and the only loans i have out right now are two school loans that should be paid by the end of 2013.



1. I want to cancel my capital one and  focus on using my new american express card, citi and wells fargo due to their credit limit and capital one never increased my limit for the past 2 years, will that affect my credit score?

2. I have a 0 balance on all credit cards, when should i expect my score to change and roughly to what score?



Thank you for everyones time!