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Re: Story time and some help?



Cancelling your CapOne won't have a positive or negative scoring impact if your balances are at $0. Once your CapOne reaches $0 and closed, FICO will remove it from util scoring purposes. Your before and after util will be at 0% and therefore no change.


The answer to what your new score will be when all CCs reach 0% is "it depends". It depends on the before and after util change, and it depends on your overall credit. For example, if every card were maxed out at 100% and you hit 0%, you can easily see 100 points gained depending on your credit. If all of them were at 10%, then much less would be gained. It also depends on what score you are looking at. If a FICO you can see some large gains. If a non-FICO (we call them FAKOs), the gain is much less.