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Re: 36 pt. difference in Walmart TU and myfico TU?

My understanding from reading about the TU from WalMart is that it is considered more "consumer friendly." I'm not sure what that means...but it's been posted that it may not count small collection accounts, etc. I don't know what the truth is.


What I do know is that my TU FICO from this site (TU 98) is 772. My TU FICO from the WalMart card (TU 08) is 817. That's a whopping difference.


I'm not sure I have much faith in the TU 08 from WalMart. It might make us feel better, but I don't think lenders use it (either credit card or mortgage). My EQ FICO is 785, and that leads me to have more faith in this site's TU FICO, because the two are closer together. I don't truly think I'm an 817 as my WalMart TU says. It would be nice, but I don't think it's reality. I actually got the WalMart card in order to get the free TU, and I had planned on cancelling my Quarterly TU monitoring through this site. I'm keeping it though. I think it's more realistic.