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Re: USAA has my TU score at 9002.
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I am shocked at how many posts around the internet have this listed as a mis-print.


9002 is not a Score, nor is it a mis-print. It is a Code used by (Experian and possibly other Credit Bureaus).


It should be reserved for people who either

  • have little/to no Credit History and/or
  • people who for some reason they are unable to build a score
    • (due to a lack of data? or
    • perhaps data that legally cannot be used) 

My experience is I work for a company that does Underwriting for Small Businesses. We use all major credit bureaur reports and this is how I was told to report scores listed as 9002 by our Credit Analyst team. They stated that when there is no credit history it gives them that code.


I surmise that in the real world people may be able to get this 9002 from other things that result in there being a lack of "usable data".