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Re: Advise, please?



Check out the Closing Credit Cards thread found stickied within CCs. Per FICO, any hit would be limited. Your mix will be remained unchanged. Once you pay off the other two CCs and close them, then they'll forever be removed from utilization. If you are carrying any sort of balance on the Amazon, then you can see a hit. The Amex won't factor into util, or at least by lenders using the newer FICO versions. If I had that, I'd keep the HSBC Discover open up to the point where they hit you with the AF and then close it. I had that and closed it after the fee and they refunded the $$$, though I'm not sure how it is with CapOne now. Does your CapOne secured have a fee? If not, I'd keep it open for a while longer, or at least until you can replace it.