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Re: Average age of credit or length of credit
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ycart wrote:

Is there a certain threshold of years that will make scores improve more 5, 10, 15? I was curious if there are certain thresholds of time that define when scores will go up related to age of credit or length of credit.  For example if a person has 5 year old age of credit with the same amount and type of accounts how would they compare to someone with 10 year old credit? Assume everything was the same on the credit other than the age.  Thanks

Stands to reason that,if your AAoA lengthens in any way, your score would improve.  To what degree remains unknown to all except the FICO gurus!  I should have a better answer at the beginning of December when I get my November statement from Experian.  That's the one of most interest to me right now, I have 5+ year history, but my oldest accounts are 2 AMEX accounts from 1991 and I recently added a third AMEX to the mix, which will also backdate to 1991.  My EX statement gives me more detailed info and (hopefully) an improved EX score. 

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