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Re: Average age of credit or length of credit
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ycart wrote:

Is there a certain threshold of years that will make scores improve more 5, 10, 15? I was curious if there are certain thresholds of time that define when scores will go up related to age of credit or length of credit.  For example if a person has 5 year old age of credit with the same amount and type of accounts how would they compare to someone with 10 year old credit? Assume everything was the same on the credit other than the age.  Thanks

I noticed something interesting with TU's report section called "understanding your score" where it lists the factors hurting your score in red and those helping in green.  When the time since my first revolving account was opened was 12 years, 1 month ago, this was listed in red as a factor hurting my score: "You have not established a long revolving credit history".  What is interesting is that when this time reached 12 years, 2 months ago, it now listed in green as a positive factor helping my score: "You have an established revolving credit history". Another thing I noticed was that on both of these reports, a separate positive factor was "You have an established credit history" - so TU apparently makes a distinction between revolving accounts and credit accounts in general. My TU score did rise 18 pts, but it is not clear what impact reaching 12 years, 2 months had in itself because two other factors had also improved. Now with EQ, the report listed 9 years, 8 months ago as a positive factor: "You have an established credit history". 

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