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Re: Inq question...
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Sneekn4u wrote:

My last pull was 11-15-2012 and they were still there so I'll wait till after the new year before I pull another report..I under stand that it don't effect my "score" after 12 months but do creditors still look at the ones past the 12 months in making a decision on a new line of credit or do they have the same attitude of its past a year, no big deal? How many is too much, how many if average and how many is great when it comes to their minds? And do they combine from TU and EQ or judge them separate?

It's up to lenders if they want to consider inquiries beyond a year. IME, mine didn't care beyond 6 months. YMMV on the lender of course.


Less inquiries the better. In my uninformed credit days, my inquiry count on EQ and EX hit over 30 on each and was still being approved. It isn't a big deal, but can be a factor. Definitely don't aim for 30. I have been denied for having as little as just 1 inuqiry.


Creditors have their own personal preference on who to pull. It's up to them. Most only pull 1, but they can choose to look at one or all 3 reports.


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