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Re: USAA has my TU score at 9002.

Pvt_Usr wrote:

I am shocked at how many posts around the internet have this listed as a mis-print.


9002 is not a Score, nor is it a mis-print. It is a Code used by (Experian and possibly other Credit Bureaus).


It should be reserved for people who either

  • have little/to no Credit History and/or
  • people who for some reason they are unable to build a score
    • (due to a lack of data? or
    • perhaps data that legally cannot be used) 

My experience is I work for a company that does Underwriting for Small Businesses. We use all major credit bureaur reports and this is how I was told to report scores listed as 9002 by our Credit Analyst team. They stated that when there is no credit history it gives them that code.


I surmise that in the real world people may be able to get this 9002 from other things that result in there being a lack of "usable data".


Thank you for clearing that code mystery up for us.


Update: I called TU and discovered that there was a glitch in my file somehow relating to my new address which caused everything to clear off my report.  They were able to fix it and all is well back at USAA CMS (and everywhere else). 

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