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Re: Credit Bureaus Score Models

MyFICO offers an EQ FICO. The specific version is called Beacon 5.0 and is used by virtually all mortgage lenders. It's the only EQ FICO version that can be purchased anywhere, and it also offered via DCU, M&T Bank, Unitus Community CU, and others. offers two different scores. One is a FAKO and the other a FICO. The FICO is the same EQ FICO as on here and it'll match the score here if pulled the same day. The score they push and sell you is a FAKO called an "Equifax Credit Score". It's the same score pushed if you were to ever order via Nobody uses this FAKO. The FICO is available only on a couple of their products like their version of ScoreWatch and one other. If it doesn't say "FICO" next to the score purchased through Equifax, then it isn't.


MyFICO doesn't offer an EX FICO though at one point they did. The version used was called a "Fair Isaac Risk Model v2", or similar. Name slightly varied on mortgage reports, but it's the same version. This version is used by almost all mortgage lenders. You cannot buy this or any EX FICO version from anywhere without the help of a lender. Experian blocked consumer access to your own EX FICO years ago. However, there are some CUs like PSECU that can give it to you for free.


As mentioned, you cannot buy an EX FICO from anywhere. sells scores but they aren't FICO scores and lenders do not use them. Their FAKOs are called a VantageScore and a PLUS score, and that score varies based on the product you buy from Experian.


Finally, sells a TU FICO. The TU FICO version on here is technically called a "FICO Risk Score, Classic 98" or similar. Some lenders call it Empirica 98. In any case, we nickname it here TU98. While some lenders still use this TU FICO version, most do not. They use a newer version nicknamed TU04. The only place you can buy your TU98 is via myFICO. You cannot buy TU04 from anywhere without the help of a lender. The newest version is nicknamed TU08. You can get this via is you have their CC, but not many lenders use that either.


Other sites like offer scores, but none of them are FICO scores. The FAKOs they offer are VantageScore or a TransRisk Score, depending on which product you buy. your case, the 660 is a FAKO probably (depends which product was purchased). The 637 is a FICO. The 675 is a FAKO. And the 660 is most likely a FICO if a lender pulled it, though the version can vary on that EX FICO depending on what they pulled and for what. YMMV on the lender.