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Re: Is There Something I Should Do?

Third-party reports always mischaracterize the totals, IME anyway. I'd ignore it. The TL has these hidden codes by which FICO scores off of. There wouldn't be any reason for the lender to miscode only one report, when it's the same data presented to all 3. Make sense? If all 3 ignored the mortgage classification, then I'd suggest pulling all 3 reports directly from the CRAs, but I don't see a need to do that.


Per the FICO difference, I think 10 points is too far off. There are several within these forums who topped the FICO scale without a mortgage. I know when I added mine after renting forever, I lost just as many points as I normally do when adding a CC, which tells me that it's not a big deal to mix. It can be a big deal to FAKO scoring though, if that matters any.