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How long before score is updated

Hello everybody! this is my 3rd post on here and I love when I get replies because it helps me. I had put alot of money on my credit cards in the middle towards the end of october for my mothers funeral, and score took a dive. they were in the  620s. I paid them all off except 1 like 2 weeks ago, before alot of them were due so it will show up there they are PIF. How long before that is reflected on the credit report? I decided to check yesterday and my score is still the same and Many of my new statements have been updated with a zero balance now, hence they were due on like the 24th or the 25s. I used the what if simulator and it said my score should shoot up to the 690s to the 700s, I just want to know when. I would Like to ask for CLIS on them because before this site, I never asked for one on most of my cards and I have had most of them for over 2 years, so I think I should be approved. IF you wwant me to go into more detail about my credit I will. Thanks in advance for the replies!

I want to be in the 700s again!