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Re: Anyone ever had a Hard Pull Inquiry Removed from their credit report? If so I wanna know

RobertEG wrote:

What is your basis for asserting lack or permissible purpose?

Do you have evidence that they are not an authorized debt collector for the debt? It is well established that certification of status as a debt collector is permissible purpose.


Inquiries must present a statement of permissible purpose to the CRA, which is basically a seft-certification.  If it meets one of the condititons of section 604, the CR is provided.  The CRAs dont have internal investigators who ferret out the honesty of certifictions.

If they have a certification in their files, they can legitimately rely upon it as basis for their providing the requested credit report.

To assert lack of permissible purpose puts the burden on the consumer, who in most cases has never even seen their submitted certification, to dispute it accuracy.


Additionally, inquiries for credit reports are specicially defined in the direct dispute rules to be excluded from the definition of a furnisher of information to a CRA.  Thus, they are exempt from the direct dispute process.  In disputes made via a CRA, they are only required to forward disputes to furnishers of the disputed information, so they have no requirement to even involve the inquiree in the dispute.  They can conclude their reinvestigation based simply on the stated certification of permissible purpose of record in their files. 



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