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How long do I have to wait?
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So I'm new to this game, and been reading over the forums alot...pretty much all I can do at this point since every time I try to buy something from this site, it just tells me to call their call center. Which I did the first time, and the chick was rude, and basically told me I didn't have enough credit to get a score.


I currently have a CapitalOne Platinum Mastercard(300 dollar limit) and I just got approved for a Discover More card(750 dollar limit) Yay! I haven't used the Discover yet so I don't expect it to make any difference yet, but I've had the CapitalOne for 5 months now paid in full everytime, how much longer do I have to wait before I can get my credit score. Also, which of the three options is the best for someone just starting out? the 20 one time, the 15 monthly, or the 5 dollar monthly? Thanks for any suggestions.