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Re: How long do I have to wait?

The minimum scoring requirement to get a FICO score (and consequently get any product on here) is 6 months. This month (starting today) counts as one month. Going backwards, Nov. would be 2, Oct. 3, Sept. 4, Aug. 5, and July 6. So, if your CC was opened in July or sooner, then you can pull a any product on here provided the open date of July or prior does indeed show on your CRs. 


If I were in your shoes, I would pull TU and EQ from somewhere, or via annualcreditreport, just to make sure it did report for 6 months now. If you pull from annualcreditreport, it's for free. Then if you want to know your FICO score, then come back to myFICO and I'd suggest pulling the FICO Standard product (the $20 one). After you get that, then you can always decided if you wanted to pull future reports. If that's the case, then a subscription to ScoreWatch or FICO Quarterly Monitoring would benefit you due to the future discounts (30% and 20% respectively).