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Re: Is there a such thing as too many cards?

adavis425 wrote:

I think as long as you can manage them without missing or late payments, you should be fine. Only you know how many is manageable for you. As far as CCCs go, I suppose some may deny credit based on available vs used credit. I have read stories of denials based soley on having too much available credit. They want to see that you are actually using the credit you already have before extending more.


If you search the topic here, you'll see prior posts that indicate members here who can manage a myriad number of cards, sometimes 20-30-40 or more.  It's all a matter of what you think you can handle responsibly. 


Having said that, in order to get to that number of cards, generally speaking, one has to exhibit prior positive experience in managing a handful of cards before moving on to even more cards.  And one must also have the income to support additional applications, and low utilization. 

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