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Score Not updated yet??

hello everybody, happy thursday to all. I think Im posting this in the wrong section I do not know what section to post this in. I have a question about my scores I have posted here before. I had to use a bunch of my cards in october for a funeral, and ran them up. I paid off all the balances except for one in november, and most of them before the statement was released. I was probably at 78 percent utilization in october with about 20,000 available credit, and as of december Im pretty sure im at 20 to 23 percent now. its been almost a week since most of my cycles ended with zero balance, and according to simulators, my score should go from a then 630, to 690 to 700. I have been in the 700s before, which I miss. And thanks to this lovely site, I would like to open a few new cards and close some to get my desired credit wallet. I would Love the AMex BCE, chase sapphire, or bank of america. I currently have 3 citis, 3 capital ones, one of them was fomally HBSC, Walmart,  chase freedom, An escape by discover, paypal smart connect, and a bill me later. All of these have zero balances 1 citi, and all of these have been opened for over 2 years except bill me later and discover, it will be 7 months in discover. And this month in december will be 3 yeasrs for my chase and 2 citis. I Would like to get rid of the capital ones, and 1 of the citis, and the bill me later if they dont increase my limit. lol the point of me typing all of this is to wonder when will my score be updated with the one the simulator gave me, lol it is now the 6th and the latest due date for one of my cards was the 28th. I got score watch, i got an update on the second and now my score with ex is 660 and walmart is 665. Im sorry this is so long!!! 

I want to be in the 700s again!